The PRAIS online-Platform has been established to facilitate UNCCD reporting and assist Parties in the reviewing and the submission of their national reports. The portal has been continuously improved throughout the implementation of the 10- year Strategy  in order to enable Parties to meet the obligations under the Convention.

Currently, the platform is supporting more than 108 UNCCD Parties who decided to join the Land Degradation Neutrality- Target Setting Programme (LDN-TSP) implemented by the Convention’s institutions. Parties can use this portal through the LDN-TSP reporting module created especially for them to download, submit and review their LDN-TSP Status Update Note and to access all LDN-TSP related tools. Similarly, reporting tools for the forthcoming UNCCD reporting will be made available to Parties once a decision on the future strategic framework of the Convention will be made by COP 13.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact the PRAIS team on: praisteam@unccd.int

2017-2018 Reporting Timeline