Important information on SDG indicator 15.3.1 data: Please note that an error was detected in the 2000-2015 default estimates of the “proportion of land that is degraded over total land area” (SDG indicator 15.3.1). Parties affected by this error have been informed individually and a corrected pre-filled template has been made available to them on PRAIS 3.

General Information

At the thirteenth Conference of the Parties (COP 13), Parties adopted a new strategic framework for implementing the Convention (decision 7/COP.13). The UNCCD 2018-2030 Strategic Framework not only provides guidance to UNCCD Parties on how to implement the Convention, but also serves as a monitoring tool for the Committee for the Review of the Implementation of the Convention (CRIC) to assess implementation efforts undertaken by Parties. Following that decision, the PRAIS portal has been updated to facilitate the 2017-2018 UNCCD reporting. Parties can log on and access interactive PDF reporting templates,and default data on the three biophysical indicators in addition to land Degradation Neutrality target setting programme (LDN-TSP) information for those countries who are committed to set their targets. Report submission should therefore be done using the interactive PDF files. If you require more information on the reporting process please visit UNCCD webpage : http://www2.unccd.int/convention/unccd-reporting-process

For questions related to the UNCCD reporting please follow this link :http://support.unccd.int/

2017-2017 Reporting timeline