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Country Report Name Report Support Documents
Afghanistan unccd_Afghanistan_2018 unccd_Afghanistan_2018.pdf2.62 MB
Albania unccd_Albania_2018 unccd_Albania_2018.pdf2.62 MB Albania.rar11.41 MB
Algeria unccd_Algeria_2018 unccd_Algeria_2018.pdf1.84 MB
Angola unccd_Angola_2018 unccd_Angola_2018.pdf2.62 MB
Antigua and Barbuda unccd_Antigua and Barbuda_2018 unccd_Antigua and Barbuda_2018.pdf2.61 MB
Argentina unccd_Argentina_2018 unccd_Argentina_2018.pdf2.01 MB Indicador complemetrario SO2-1 NBI.pdf965.29 KB, Indicadores_Report_ARG_jul 2018.xlsx51.35 KB, Informe adicional sequia SIAT SOBA -.pdf297.44 KB, Informe adicional SO1-1 Cobertura.pdf207.52 KB, Informe adicional SO1-2. Productividad.pdf282.11 KB, Informe adicional SO1-3. Carbono.pdf180.69 KB, Informe adicional SO2-1 Pobreza.pdf174.75 KB, Informe adicional SO2-1. GINI tablas, mapa y grafico.pdf560.24 KB, Informe adicional SO4-2. Estado de conservación por grupo - Lista Roja.pdf277.01 KB, Mapas Argentina PRAIS 2018.zip2.05 MB
Armenia unccd_Armenia_2018 unccd_Armenia_2018.pdf1.94 MB 0SO1 additional information Erosion.pdf218.84 KB, 0SO1,2 and 4 additional information (1).pdf262.99 KB, 0SO1-3 and SO4-1 additional information.pdf213.84 KB, 0SO3 additional information.pdf306.24 KB
Australia unccd_Australia_2018 unccd_Australia_2018.pdf2.62 MB
Austria unccd_Austria_2018 unccd_Austria_2018.pdf2.61 MB
Bangladesh unccd_Bangladesh_2018 unccd_Bangladesh_2018.pdf2.62 MB Bangladesh_LDN_Final High Level Note 020818.pdf780.19 KB
Barbados unccd_Barbados_2019 unccd_Barbados_2019.pdf2.61 MB FINAL Barbados LDN framework report.pdf2.11 MB, FINAL Report from Barbados for the Seventh Reporting Process of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification Performance Review and Assessment of Implementation System.pdf27.6 MB
Belarus unccd_Belarus_2018 unccd_Belarus_2018.pdf1.94 MB Belarus UNCCD report 2018 unsaved information ru.docx14.38 KB, unccd_Belarus_2018-ENG.pdf2.63 MB, unccd_Belarus_2018_unsaved information English version.docx13.47 KB
Belgium unccd_Belgium_2018 unccd_Belgium_2018.pdf2.65 MB
Belize unccd_Belize_2018 unccd_Belize_2018.pdf2.61 MB
Benin unccd_Benin_2018 unccd_Benin_2018.pdf1.85 MB Cartes series (1).zip2.85 MB, Benin_Autres fichiers.zip4.63 MB
Bhutan unccd_Bhutan_2018 unccd_Bhutan_2018.pdf2.63 MB UNCCD PRESENTATION.pdf1.47 MB, UNCCD reporting issues.docx1.4 MB
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) unccd_Bolivia (Plurinational State of)_2018 unccd_Bolivia (Plurinational State of)_2018.pdf2 MB
Bosnia and Herzegovina unccd_Bosnia and Herzegovina_2018 unccd_Bosnia and Herzegovina_2018.pdf2.63 MB
Botswana unccd_Botswana_2018 unccd_Botswana_2018.pdf2.62 MB
Brazil unccd_Brazil_2018 unccd_Brazil_2018.pdf2 MB Annexes_IN_Brazil2018.zip4.54 MB
Bulgaria unccd_Bulgaria_2018 unccd_Bulgaria_2018.pdf2.61 MB
Burkina Faso unccd_Burkina Faso_2018 unccd_Burkina Faso_2018.pdf1.84 MB stock de carbone_Burkina Faso.docx14.07 KB
Burundi unccd_Burundi_2018 unccd_Burundi_2018.pdf1.83 MB Burundi_SDG_15.3_0018.pdf549.04 KB
Cambodia unccd_Cambodia_2018 unccd_Cambodia_2018.pdf2.62 MB Cambodia_1.pdf5.41 MB, Cambodia-NPFD-GEF6.pdf1.48 MB, rli_guidelines_final_4march09_1.pdf1001.49 KB, THE_FIFTH_NATIONAL_REPORT_TO_THE.pdf2.8 MB, Working_Paper_Land_cover_and_forest.pdf7.01 MB
Cameroon unccd_Cameroon_2018 unccd_Cameroon_2018.pdf1.83 MB