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Afghanistan unccd_Afghanistan_2018.pdf2.62 MB
Albania unccd_Albania_2018.pdf2.62 MB Albania.rar11.41 MB
Algeria unccd_Algeria_2018.pdf1.84 MB
Angola unccd_Angola_2018.pdf2.62 MB
Antigua and Barbuda unccd_Antigua and Barbuda_2018.pdf2.61 MB
Argentina unccd_Argentina_2018.pdf2.01 MB Indicador complemetrario SO2-1 NBI.pdf965.29 KB, Indicadores_Report_ARG_jul 2018.xlsx51.35 KB, Informe adicional sequia SIAT SOBA -.pdf297.44 KB, Informe adicional SO1-1 Cobertura.pdf207.52 KB, Informe adicional SO1-2. Productividad.pdf282.11 KB, Informe adicional SO1-3. Carbono.pdf180.69 KB, Informe adicional SO2-1 Pobreza.pdf174.75 KB, Informe adicional SO2-1. GINI tablas, mapa y grafico.pdf560.24 KB, Informe adicional SO4-2. Estado de conservación por grupo - Lista Roja.pdf277.01 KB, Mapas Argentina PRAIS 2018.zip2.05 MB
Armenia unccd_Armenia_2018.pdf1.94 MB 0SO1 additional information Erosion.pdf218.84 KB, 0SO1,2 and 4 additional information (1).pdf262.99 KB, 0SO1-3 and SO4-1 additional information.pdf213.84 KB, 0SO3 additional information.pdf306.24 KB
Australia unccd_Australia_2018.pdf2.62 MB
Austria unccd_Austria_2018.pdf2.61 MB
Bangladesh unccd_Bangladesh_2018.pdf2.62 MB Bangladesh_LDN_Final High Level Note 020818.pdf780.19 KB
Belarus unccd_Belarus_2018.pdf1.94 MB Belarus UNCCD report 2018 unsaved information ru.docx14.38 KB, unccd_Belarus_2018-ENG.pdf2.63 MB, unccd_Belarus_2018_unsaved information English version.docx13.47 KB
Belgium unccd_Belgium_2018.pdf2.65 MB
Belize unccd_Belize_2018.pdf2.61 MB
Benin unccd_Benin_2018.pdf1.85 MB Cartes series (1).zip2.85 MB, Benin_Autres fichiers.zip4.63 MB
Bhutan unccd_Bhutan_2018.pdf2.63 MB UNCCD PRESENTATION.pdf1.47 MB, UNCCD reporting issues.docx1.4 MB
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) unccd_Bolivia (Plurinational State of)_2018.pdf2 MB
Bosnia and Herzegovina unccd_Bosnia and Herzegovina_2018.pdf2.63 MB
Botswana unccd_Botswana_2018.pdf2.62 MB
Brazil unccd_Brazil_2018.pdf2 MB Annexes_IN_Brazil2018.zip4.54 MB
Burkina Faso unccd_Burkina Faso_2018.pdf1.84 MB stock de carbone_Burkina Faso.docx14.07 KB
Burundi unccd_Burundi_2018.pdf1.83 MB Burundi_SDG_15.3_0018.pdf549.04 KB
Cambodia unccd_Cambodia_2018.pdf2.62 MB Cambodia_1.pdf5.41 MB, Cambodia-NPFD-GEF6.pdf1.48 MB, rli_guidelines_final_4march09_1.pdf1001.49 KB, THE_FIFTH_NATIONAL_REPORT_TO_THE.pdf2.8 MB, Working_Paper_Land_cover_and_forest.pdf7.01 MB
Cameroon unccd_Cameroon_2018.pdf1.83 MB
Cabo Verde unccd_Cabo Verde_2018.pdf1.86 MB
Central African Republic unccd_Central African Republic_2018.pdf1.87 MB ANNEXES.pdf1.06 MB